Conservation projects

Conservation Projects

02 Sep,2013

  • conservation phNAFF has become a key contributor on Ecuador 's east-slope with respect to tying together land acquisition and protection projects, promoting serious biological research, and community involvement in one of the most ecologically sensitive and important zones that the country has to offer.


    The foundation’s reserves help form major nexus in the Cosanga Valley that links the Antisana and Gran Sumaco Reserves by way of a wide and splendid, flat montane forest reserve; flat forests in the Andes these days are hard to come by since much of this habitat type has been converted into pasture. Having worked closely with local governments and the most influential local and international conservation organizations – including Biocomerio, GIZ, World Land Trust, and Fundación Jocotoco - NAFF has helped set in motion alliances that are quickly turning the Cosanga region into a model for serious, large-scale Andean land and biodiversity preservation, as well as community education.

  • With strong support from Biocomercio and GIZ, NAFF and San Isidro have been developing various projects to help reinforce the ecological corridor over the past year through various projects; the keynote project being the creation of a trail for our visitors to help point out and explain some of the more interesting topics. With 15 interpretive signs, learning a little more about the forest you are strolling through is rewarding and eye-opening; it might surprise you what is going on out there, from strangler figs and outrageous orchid diversity, to active bird flocks and secretive mammals. What really makes the trail even more innovative is the design; over one thousand recycled tires (filled with gravel) have been used to make hiking a pleasure, rather than an ordeal. The master plan has been to create a trail through the forest that can be walked without the need for rubber boots. Trail maintenance has always been a never ending battle against nature's forces, but this new technique guarantees stairs, and comfortable footing through swampy spots, that will last for many decades, making a stroll through the cloud forest unlike any most have ever experienced.

    By creating an interpretive trail that provides environmental education for the children and students of the area, as well as for the lodge guests and visitors, we hope to generate a larger awareness for the need to preserve a forested corridor that links the highland paramos, to the vast and sprawling tropical lowland forests. Biocomercio and GIZ are both very active supporters of these conservation needs that go hand in hand with a more sustainable community development. Clean drinking-water, for example, is an increasing global concern, and such projects aid in startingthe educational process.



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