Yanayacu Biology Station

02 Sep,2013

biology2San Isidro was also instrumental in helping to establish Yanayacu biology station, owned and run by entomologist Harold F. Greeney. The biology station, with an additional 100 hectares of mostly forested land, lies adjacent to parts of the San Isidro and NAFF lands, and serves as the base for most of the research and other non-touristic activities that Cabañas San Isidro Lodge administrates.

Natural history research and other creative studies by students and professors from around the world are carried out on Cabañas San Isidro’s and foundation land. Involved in a wide variety of different research activities - among them butterfly rearing (made possible through the recent award of a National Science Foundation grant to the station) and floral and herpetological surveys - Harold and his researchers are now famous in the bird world for their nest finding abilities and follow up work.


Harold and his researchers were recently chosen as recipients of the prestigious Alexander Skutch Award to help continue their ground-breaking work.